A collection of NFTs on Tron Blockchain that you can't miss

Cool Cats Tron is a collection of 10,000 unique cat-themed NFT digital illustrations hosted on the Tron blockchain.

This is a community driven project that was part of the first high-quality NFT collection using the TRC-721 standard.

All artwork is randomly generated from a huge list of attributes, including facial expressions, outfits, accessories, etc., making some pieces a bit weirder than others other works.

Just like the original Ethereum-based Cool Cats, all Tron Cool Cats are unique and super cute.

But when a cat's appearance is complete with rare traits, accessories, and complete outfits, Cool Cat becomes the Coolest Cat, making it a whole lot rarer.

Community focus
This is not just a collection of NFTs. And it's that they're building an epic community of Tron-based Cool Cats owners, so they're rolling out a 10% pool for Cool Cat owners over 31 and 151 NFTs.

Therefore, 10% of all TRX obtained through minting will be returned to collectors.

Cat owners, with over 31 NFTs of Cool Cats, will share 30% of it, and fans of Coolest Cats, with over 151 NFTs, will split 70%.

A low price for a great collection
All cats are randomly cast. The minting cost of Tron-based Cool Cat is set at 1,500 TRX, while Ethereum-based Cool Cat starts at 6.45 ETH.

With the price of Ethereum-based Cool Cat so high, the launch of Tron-based Cat is a unique investment opportunity for collectors.

All cats are different, but they cost the same. There is no price in the Tron Cool Cat world during minting.

It has its own market
Tron Cool Cat is developing an exclusive cat collection for Tron enthusiasts and a family of Cool Cats based on iconic characters from the movie.

In addition, without waiting for the minting to finish, an extremely interesting domestic market will be launched.

Inside you will find all the most popular filters, a bidding system and an extremely easy to use interface. By the way, you can give each cat its own name.

Best of all, those who own a legendary cat will receive a one-of-a-kind gift, which can choose between curtains, felt, cap and more.

In addition, after the casting is finished, NFT cat stories will be collected and the most interesting and funny stories will be used as the background for Cool Cat comics.

It is planned to publish a digital edition first, followed by a limited edition print edition that will be widely distributed in the community.

The coolest thing: donating to real cats
More than 2.7 million dogs and cats have been fed meat in the United States by 2021. The shelters have absolutely no funding to help.

Therefore, Cool Cats decided to give life to at least a few thousand cats. So, together with the community, they will choose a shelter to receive part of the subsidy.

Currently, they are reviewing shelters, but caregivers can nominate organizations they think might work best.

Second generation of cats
Cool Cats also grew up and had kittens, just like in real life. But to make kittens, you have to breed them with other Cool Cats.

It is planned to develop a universe and create several generations of cats that will resurrect and destroy themselves to become the most legendary Cool Cats.

Only first generation Cool Cats are available for outcrossing. For example, second and third generation cats cannot be bred.

But the resulting kitten will be the most valuable artifact on the market. His appearance will be generated completely randomly.

Link with ApeNFT
Cool Cats is now a strategic partner of APENFT.

Officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021, the platform is powered by the underlying technology of leading blockchains Ethereum and TRON, backed by the world's largest distributed storage system Bittorrent File System (BTFS) to fulfill its mission of registering the world- classy works of art such as NFT on blockchain.

Most APENFT team members are traditional arts industry professionals with experience at renowned arts organizations such as Christie's and Sotheby's.

Its core members include professional engineers with blockchain and cryptocurrency related experience from leading internet companies like BAT.

APENFT is a leader in the NFT arena both in terms of team and technical capabilities.

That means Cool Cats has an even faster chance of finding great owners.