Tron (TRX) With Every Increasing Numbers of Transactions Prospecting Uptrend

  • TRON Price Trends
  • TRC-20 USDT on TRON Blockchain
  • APENFT on TRON Blockchain
  • DeFi and Just
  • TRON (TRX) in Metaverse

Tron (TRX) sustains an overbought trend in it’s technical charts.  This is because the bulls have been propelling a recovery for TRON price ever since it lost 60% of its value way back in January 24, 2022.

Increased Number of TRON Transactions:  The numbers of transactions on the TRON blockchain are continually reported to be improving.  More than 60% of the total transactions in the TRON blockchain trigger smart contract activity.  Checking the history of TRON SCAN will reveal more details.  The uptrend of the TRX price is also related to the uptrend in the cumulative transactions.

On March 25, 2022 TRON DAO expressed: “According to TRONSCAN, the total transactions on TRON exceeded 3 billion and it reached 3,000,123,392. Now, with more than 83M users and 3B total transactions, TRON enjoys an excellent reputation and credibility among global users.

TRC20-USDT:  Further, TRC20-USDT is issued on the Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain.  USDT circulation in the TRON blockchain is doing fairly well.  The circulation of USDT on TRON is more than that happening in Ethereum. Thus, there is considerable contribution of USDT on TRON in terms of the numbers of transactions happening in the network.

H.E. Justin Sun expressed, “TRC20-USDT has a great number of advantages vs other available USDT on the market.  Enjoy Immediately transaction.  Free handling fee.  And, different use cases such as trading, TRON, Dapp, BitTorrent and more.  Be wise about your choice!”

APENFT on TRON Blockchain: ApeNFT is built on the TRON ecosystem and it is powered by BitTorrent, the world’s largest distributed data storage system.  APENFT focuses on building a bridge between top-notch artists and also to support the growth of native crypto NFT artists. The network is catching up as well.

DeFI and JUST:  JUST token on TRON is committed to building the next generation of Defi on TRON. JUST have been developing TRON-based DeFi Protocols to provide all in one financial solution to its users. JustStable is the lend stable coins USDJ, JustLend is the lending platform, and JustCryptos bring value to TRON.

Reportedly on March 27, 2022 at the time for writing, $ 8,707,148,351 is the total value locked on TRON Network and the Total Value locked on DeFi is $ 6,707,396,869. So, obviously DeFi has a major role in contributing to transactions on the TRON blockchain.

Metaverse:  In December 2021, Tron Foundation partnered with digital real estate platform MetaEstate to develop an ecological complex. 

So, TRON has its foot in all things possible in the blockchain space.

Cryptocurrencies which are of low value are where beginners can try their hands to eventually learn the pump stories to make profits from trends.  Where TRON has pump stories and whether it is worthy of investment is for investors to personally DYOR.